Meet the Owner

  • Wild Bird Center
    Debbie & Jimmy Newirk

    Hi ya'll, welcome to the Wild Bird Center of Weatherford. We love feeding the wild birds around our home and are excited to open a backyard bird and nature store here in Weatherford. We both have many friends and family here and have called Weatherford home for several decades. We are so happy to open a home town business here where we love to live.

    We enjoy nature and being outdoors, camping, biking, hiking and taking pictures of birds, deer, fox and various wildlife that we see along the way, many that visit our yard. Did you know that a fox will eat bird seed? Of course, so will a raccoon and a squirrel, so you will be happy to know we offer specialize pole systems, raccoon and squirrel baffles and even hot pepper suet to deter these critters from eating your birds’ dinner!

    When I was much younger I watched my mom feed the birds and didn’t think too much about it. Now I have turned into my mom! I heard it would happen, I even heard her words coming from my lips when I was raising my children. Now I have fully embraced her favorite pastime and made it my own.

    If you enjoy wildlife and nature or you know someone who does, come by the store and share your pictures and stories. If you’re a beginner, we would love to show you how to make your yard the perfect habitat to attract the prettiest song birds and even offer ways to discourage the birds you don’t want.