WBC Large Cedar Ranch w/2 Suet Cages

Our large Cedar Ranch Feeder brings the all-you-can-eat buffet to your garden. Large birds, small birds, suet-eaters, seed eaters - they'll land and stay awhile, indulging in the variety of feed you provide.


This multi-use Cedar Ranch Feeder will derail all your best gardening intentions, as you lay your tools aside and watch the birds enjoying the spread before them. Large hopper holds a generous amount of your birds' favorite seed. Dual, easy-open suet cages expand the menu even more. Easy fill, easy clean, lots of bird watching - all without having to leave your back yard!


Retains seed while also offering excellent drainage with a removable base interior screen. For best results, mount on a post or pole at least 5 feet high. Made in the USA.

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