WBC Going Green Covered Cyinder Feeder

Attract your favorite birds with this easy-to-feed covered cylinder feeder, with a base made from recycled milk jugs. Simply slide on a seed cylinder, or stack several seed cakes, then enjoy the birds that arrive.


Easy-to-feed seed cylinder bird feeder in our environmentally-friendly Going Green style. Made from recycled milk jugs, plus an acrylic roof to help keep seed and birds protected from weather. Perfect addition to any feeding station.


Birds love the shelter offered by this easy-refill feeder made from recycled materials. Lift the hinged roof and place a seed cylinder or stacked small seed cakes. Covered roof helps protect seed and birds from weather. Mesh screen insert at bottom helps drain moisture. Hang from any hook - or pole-mount at least 5' above the ground, and add a baffle to deter squirrels. Every Going GreenĀ® Feeder is created from an average of 30 milk jugs, keeping them out of landfills! Doesn't invite mold or bacteria, and is easy to clean.

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