PoleWise Collar

Supports a Large Cedar Platform feeder for viewing a flock of birds! This handy pole collar is perfect for supporting and securing the WBC Large Cedar platform feeder on its pole. Simply screw onto the feeder and slide it up and down the pole to your desired location and tighten it in place.


Black powder-coated steel PoleWise pole collar supports and secures the large platform feeder onto the pole. The WBC Large Cedar Platform feeder has a hole in the center of the feeder when paired with this collar the feeder can be adjusted to your desired location on the pole. Attach the pole collar underneath the feeder, slide to the desired location and tighten in place with the thumb screw.


Black powder-coated steel pole collar with tightening screw. Works with PoleWise poles to help support and secure the large platform feeder. 3"x3"x4"

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