Meet the Owner

  • Wild Bird Center
    Laura Hopkins and Gary Cobb

    We began our backyard birding adventure 25 years ago in Evanston, Illinois. On a whim, we picked up a seed bell and hung it in our back yard. It took the birds a few days to find it but once they did, it was gone. We put another seed bell up, started paying attention to the variety of birds that we attracted and we were hooked from that point on.

    Careers (Laura in marketing research and Gary in environmental remediation) brought us to Austin where we discovered a whole new natural world. We have enjoyed getting to know the wildlife of Central Texas and learning the feeding preferences of our local and migrating bird populations.

    Our backyard is our haven. We love to watch and listen to the cycle of natural life we have there. Birds singing to find a mate, then nesting, coming and going from our feeders, young birds fledging and learning to eat on their own, and the ebb and flow of the different birds during the different seasons.

    We are very excited about our latest adventure – opening the Wild Bird Center of Lakeway. We are here to help you create and improve your backyard bird and wildlife experience so you can fully enjoy the unique and peaceful hobby of backyard birding.