Store Specials

  • Live Mealworms

    Many, many birds in our area enjoy live mealworms all year round. These include bluebirds, warblers, wrens, grey catbirds, starlings, robins & more. Place your mealworms in a small dish and hang it just about anywhere. There are specialized "sanctuary mealworms feeders" to keep the larger birds away from the worms. These feeders allow bluebirds and smaller birds in but keep the starlings, robins, and others out. Call the store for details: 770-418-1990

    Fall Special: While supplies last 5000 live mealworms on sale for $36.99, 1000 live mealworms are on sale for $10.99. Dried mealworms come in 2 sizes: 7oz=$6.99 and 2lbs bags= $25.99 No Coupon Needed - While Supplies Last

    For Questions or Store Directions: Call 770-418-1990