Meet the Owner

  • Wild Bird Center
    I'm David Peterson. I opened my Wild Bird Center in Jan of 2014. It's been quite a ride!.

    I love nature, being outdoors, in the woods, walking my dog on the trails. In my earlier years you would find me on a mountain bike every weekend. I would travel for hours looking for a new trail to ride. These days I spend a lot of time running the trails to stay in shape and to be outdoors. It's relaxing to me to be surrounded by nature.

    I have family members that are avid birders but for years I occasionally fed the birds in my backyard from the spring through the summers. I experimented with different foods trying to attract different birds. I love changing foods trying to attract a variety of colorful birds.

    I went from changing foods, to moving feeders around, putting bases on some, analyzing the type of perches used, identifying the birds, and recognizing the entire ecosystem I created in the backyard; suddenly I'm hooked on this hobby and I found myself feeding the birds all year round.

    Backyard birding is a great hobby. It's fun trying to beat the squirrels all the while trying to attract specific birds to the feeders. Come on in the store and say hello.

    Bring in photos of the birds at your feeding stations, we'll post them on our Facebook page and develop the Johns Creek birding community together!