Hook and Arm Squirrel Resistant Pole Set-Up

Add some visual dimension to this PoleWise® set-up with a hook and arm hanger. Perfect for feeders, plants or chimes, the rounded hook and straight-arm angle hanger system includes 5’ of poles, ground auger and round cap finial to complete the set. Included squirrel baffle deters and prevents squirrels from accessing feeder(s), providing your birds a peaceful place to dine.


Kit includes: Ground Auger, 3’ Pole, 2’ Pole, Round Cap Finial, 16” Hook, 20” Angle Hanger, Double Adapter, Torpedo Baffle. Made from heavy-duty steel. Easy to install with minimal tools. All PoleWise® systems can be expanded to meet your needs. Just add adapters, hooks, arms or poles to customize your set-up.


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