Birding Associations

  • Second Chance Wildlife Center

    Second Chance was founded by Christine Montuori, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator since 1986. After training as a volunteer at a wildlife center in Bowie, Maryland, Chris obtained her state and federal wildlife rehabilitation permits in 1988 and 1989, respectively. Working out of her home, she cared for as many as 1,200 animals per year and incorporated as Second Chance Wildlife Center in 1995. In June of 1996, Second Chance moved their operations to its present location in Gaithersburg. The facility has taken in over 75,000 since it moved to Gaithersburg and now treats about 3,000 animals per year.

    Visit Second Chance Wildlife Center web site.

  • Wild Bird Feeding Association

    The Wild Bird Feeding Industry (WBFI) is an association dedicated to the progressive expansion of the wild bird and backyard wildlife feeding industry. As the voice of the industry, it serves the interests of its members through promoting responsible feeding, creating alliances, removing barriers, and safeguarding gains.