We’re on a mission to turn every yard in America into a Wild Bird Center, a little slice of nature that provides the joy and relaxation of wildlife while contributing to the health, welfare and preservation of birds for generations to come.


To accomplish this:

  1. We will exceed our customers’ expectations by providing a friendly and inviting shopping experience, quality products we stand behind and advice that brings the joy of bird feeding to their homes.
  2. To the best of our abilities, we will sell products that do not harm the environment in the manufacturing process, protect natural resources, promote conservation and source from companies that treat their employees fairly and ethically. Our feed products will meet all government standards designed to protect the health of our customers and animals.
  3. We will be a community resource, the first place to come for birding advice, whether you’re a first time customer, established client or just seeking information.
  4. We will charge fair and reasonable prices that provide a good value to our customers while providing a reasonable income and return on investment for the owners and provide our employees fair wages. We will provide a friendly, creative work environment, which respects hard work, creativity and diversity.