The Ideal Candidate

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”  - Henry David Thoreau

Am I the right person for this opportunity?


So you're considering owning a Wild Bird Center franchise? Opening any business is a big decision and the first step is to ask yourself some basic questions:

Do I have the drive and business acumen to own and operate a small business?

Opening and operating a small business requires dedication, commitment and hard work. At Wild Bird Centers, we look for certain qualities that are common with our most successful store owners:

  • A passion for nature and birds. Success takes more than knowledge; it requires a passion for what you are doing.
  • A desire to control your own destiny through the operation of your own business.
  • Enjoy the variety and challenges of running your own business and working with the public every day.
  • Want to be more than just a business; a desire to be part of the community, the go-to place for bird enthusiasts in your neighborhood.


Do I have the capital and credit necessary to open and operate a store?

Opening and operating capital are key considerations when opening any business. Wild Bird Center requires:

  • Minimum opening and operating capital: $175,000
    • This includes a minimum of $100,000 in usable, liquid assets and a minimum of $75,000 - $100,000 of available credit.
  • Minimum net worth: $400,000
  • Good credit rating

Are you the right candidate for a franchise?

An ideal franchisee is a self-motivated, driven, self-starter willing to follow a proven system. You are highly motivated to succeed and ready and willing to jump in and “get your hands dirty.” These are great qualities for any small business owner, but in a franchise system, you do not have the ability to re-invent the system.

The benefit of franchise ownership is you do not have to invent the wheel; you are replicating a proven and time-tested system. There is a structure in place to teach you our business, even if you have limited or no experience in the industry. You will work with experts in product selection, branding, store design, site selection, marketing and other aspects of business operations and the training and support continues once your business is up and operating.


You have a brand – Wild Bird Centers – that markets your name in your customers’ homes long after they leave the store and a support system to promote that brand.

If you are considering investing in a franchise, you should also consider these factors:

Your financial situation
Buying a Wild Bird Center franchise is a considerable investment; how much can you safely invest? Will you need financing? Where will you obtain financing? How will debt service affect your business plan?

Your need for income
In general, it takes any small business time to become profitable. Do you have other income, sufficient savings or investment income to support yourself and your family until your business can pay you?

Your experience, abilities and goals
Do you have experience as a retail business owner or manager? Are you willing and able to learn? Do you have a passion for the business? Are you ready to take on the daily routines of operating a small business? What type of work environment fits you best? Do you have good interpersonal skills, a positive attitude and are able to interact with customers? Do you have basic computer skills?

Your ability to work within a franchise system
Though you own your business, you do not operate independently. You are part of a network of stores which requires consistency. Wild Bird Centers, like most franchisors, requires you to carry certain products from designated suppliers and use Wild Bird Center’s advertising, loyalty and other programs. You are also required to participate in certain company activities and marketing events. Following the program builds the brand, which builds the business that carries your name: Wild Bird Centers. Be certain you are ready to be part of the system.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to explore the opportunity to own a Wild Bird Center store; a small business to call your own.