Double Hook/Double Arm Squirrel Resistant Pole Set-Up

Add some visual dimension to this PoleWise® set-up with two hooks and two arms. Perfect for feeders, plants or chimes, the double rounded hooks and double straight-arm angle hanger system includes 5’ of poles, ground auger and a round cap finial to complete the set. Included squirrel baffle deters and prevents squirrels from accessing feeder(s), providing your birds a peaceful place to dine.


Ground Auger, 3’ Pole, 2’ Pole, Round Cap Finial, (2) 16” Hook, (2) 20” Angle Hanger, Quad Adapter, Torpedo Baffle. Made from heavy-duty steel. Easy to install with minimal tools. All PoleWise® systems can be expanded to meet your needs. Just add adapters, hooks, arms or poles to customize your set-up.


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