Birding Partners


Established in 1989, the National Bird-Feeding Society makes the backyard bird feeding and watching hobby better - for its Members, the general public and wild birds by providing Members and hobbyists with education, tips, materials and research about backyard bird feeding. The Wild Bird Centers of America (WBCA) is proud to serve as a founding sponsor of the NBFS. WBCA stores offer bird walks and other community education programs and have supported NBFS and birding research projects such as PROJECT WILDBIRD for over 20 years.

Business Partners


The International Franchise Association (IFA) protects, enhances and promotes franchising. WBCA is a proud member of IFA and actively supports its programs and Code of Ethics.



The Wild Bird Feeding Industry (WBFI) is an association dedicated to the progressive expansion of the wild bird and backyard wildlife feeding industry. As the voice of the industry, it serves the interests of its members through promoting responsible feeding, creating alliances, removing barriers, and safeguarding gains. WBCA's CEO, George Petrides, Jr., serves on WBFI's Board of Directors.



WBCA is proud to be a Small Business Administration (SBA) Partner. The SBA has reviewed our franchise program, approved our documentation and keeps it on-line to support a fast-track loan process for franchisees who choose to apply for SBA financing.