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Watching Baby Birds

May 17, 2019

Watching baby birds at feeders


One of the most satisfying and pleasurable aspects of bird feeding is watching adult birds interact with their young, especially when bringing them to your feeder for the first time.

If you expect to see small birds, half the size of their parents, you are in for a shock! The newcomers will be approximately the same size as their parents, but you will be able to recognize them by their stubby tails, feathers with wisps of fluffy down, and poor table manners – somewhat as spoiled human children might do when teasing their parents.

They usually beg with mouths wide open and wings fluttering. At a feeder well stocked with suitable foods, the parent is usually able to jam down food into every gaping mouth, but that doesn’t stop the youngsters from wanting more. Often, the parent will try to escape by flying a short distance away but the young birds will pursue the parent, squawking and screaming all the way.

 Enjoy the fun!