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Sing to your birds!

Apr 11, 2019

Sing to Your Birds with Water Sounds


Moving water can sing to birds just as birds seem to sing to people. It’s the sound of spring and summer, the sound of life. So if you want to enjoy more birds, more of the time (all year round, actually) this season, try serenading them with water!

Remember how you feel when you are exploring a new path or trail and hear the inviting sound of water? When you offer that same joyous discovery to birds, you’ll increase both the number and kinds of visitors that regularly stop by your yard.

Birds find still water just like they find food by sight. But when water sings, it appeals to them with seductive allure. They seem to respond with combined curiosity and delight! Birds such as warblers and orioles which normally spend their time in your treetops may suddenly swoop down to drink and bathe. Secretive thrushes and thrashers may also leave their comfort zones in the undergrowth to drink and splash around a bit for your enjoyment.

Birds often offer a serenade and sights which we humans treasure. We can encourage them and return the favor by offering water that sings of peace and pleasure to all.