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Now's a great time to get Dad and the birds a new feeder!

Jun 10, 2019

Now is a great time to hang a few new bird feeders!

Contrary to popular belief, filling backyard feeders is at least as important in the springtime as during the winter months.

Think about it. During the fall and early winter, natural supplies of seeds and berries become available as food sources.  By spring, most of these foods have been eaten, and new crops of natural foods are still months from maturity.

Spring feeding is important to our feeder regulars; permanent residents, such as goldfinches, chickadees and others have been using our feeders all winter. It also helps our migrants and birds that arrive early to their breeding grounds. Even those birds that feed primarily on insects may stop by if they see other bird activity in your yard.

By late spring, most birds have settled in and begun to nest. They need extra energy as the males define territories and the females build nests and produce eggs. Later in the season, the parents will bring their fledglings to your feeders, and you can watch awkward youngsters as they beg for food and learn to feed themselves. 


With Father’s Day approaching, now is a great time to get Dad – and his backyard birds – a new feeder.

As feeders are filled and supported throughout the year, Dad’s yard, and yours, will come to life with the color and song of favorite backyard birds.