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"National Bird Day" is Every Day

Jan 14, 2020

Each January 5, we celebrate National Bird Day – a day first observed in the United States 12 years ago to educate the public and support conservation of the world’s bird populations. This year’s celebration took on special significance in light of a recent report that North America has lost 1 in 4 breeding birds since 1970.

Since birds are indicators of our ecosystem’s health, every day should be National Bird Day. We can begin by taking notice of our surroundings to understand how we can best support the birds who share our habitat.

Habitat provides the four basic needs of all animals – food, water, shelter and space – and birds need lots of space. We should take this into consideration when planning our backyards and our communities.

What does a healthy habitat look like?IMG_1112


FOOD: Feeders with quality seed or delicious nectar help supplement natural food sources, which are becoming scarcer due to development. Suet is easy to feed as an addition to a feeding station; it provides year-round nutritional value and prepares birds for migration.

WATER: Bird baths provide a clean, safe, reliable source of water for drinking and bathing, which is necessary for feather and wing maintenance.

SHELTER: Bird houses provide shelter and replace nesting space lost to urban sprawl.

SPACE: Plant bird-friendly, native plants, with berries for eating and thorns for protection from predators. Native plants have evolved their own natural chemical defenses against pests, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides.

With some attention and care, we can make our little piece of the world a better place for wildlife and increase the number of bird species that visit!

Happy National Bird Year!