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Hummingbird Moms & Babies!

Apr 23, 2019

Hummingbird Mom & Babies


When the female hummingbird is ready to lay an egg,  she’ll sit on the nest, alternately shaking and wiggling every few seconds. Then: egg! Hummingbirds lay two eggs, each about jellybean size, and arriving on different days. ‘Mom’ will sit on her eggs to keep them around a constant 96 degree temperature, with incubation approximately 16 to 18 days.

Although each was laid on separate days, they’ll generally hatch the same day.


The female hummingbird is the sole carer and provider, and will chase off any male that comes too near. She also may very well care for more than one brood at a time.


She’ll sit on the new hatchlings, keeping them warm and feeding them about every 20 minutes. Over the first few weeks, they’ll begin to feather. 

Around three weeks, the babies are looking  more like hummingbirds, testing out their wings and in a matter of days, will take off as adults starting the cycle all over again.