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How to Introduce a New Bird Feeder to Your Yard

Apr 02, 2020

IMG_1027How exciting! You have a new feeder and you’re all set to hang it and watch as the birds come flocking! To improve the odds that this will happen, here are a few tips to ensure birds will find your new bird feeder quickly:



Use any of the Wild Bird Center seed blends that include black oil sunflower to attract a wide range of birds. Selective mixes also contain nutmeats and fruits, which may spur the arrival of titmice, jays and woodpeckers. BirdWise, FeederWise and PatioWise are all great blends to attract a wide variety of birds.



Consider both the outside and the inside of your home when deciding where to place your feeding station. Birds discover feeders by sight, so place your bird feeders where they’re easily seen by them...and you! From the inside, choose a window you look through often, whether a kitchen window, near your workspace or a favorite chair – “Armchair Birding”!



Hang or mount feeders near trees and shrubs, new plantings or a brush pile that will offer cover and needed perching spaces for the birds. Birds love to flit back and forth between cover and the feeder! A bird bath or other water source will also make your yard more attractive to the birds you want to see. Adding running water through either a Water Wiggler, mister or dripper is an easy way to double the amount of birds visiting your water feature.



House finches and chickadees may be the first species arriving to dine, as these little acrobats are among the most curious and adventuresome of all birds. Once the chickadees have found a feeder, the titmice and other favorite birds will not be far behind.


Spring has sprung and hummingbirds will be coming! The best way to attract these speedy flyers is with a bright-colored feeder filled with fresh nectar and/or plants in your garden, such as Beebalm, Coral Honeysuckle, Cardinal Flower and Sage. WBC offers Pure Hummer Sugar – just add water, pour into your hummingbird feeder and watch as the hummers come to feast. Since they eat up to half their body weight every day, you may see them from 5 to 8 times per hour!


As our days begin to lengthen, there is even more time to enjoy your yard and the birds that come to visit. Happy Feeding!