Pine Siskin

Not sure if it’s a goldfinch or a Pine Siskin? Think of it this way . . . a Pine Siskin is like a goldfinch in disguise! A small and gregarious finch, the Pine Siskin is a small, brown streaked bird with yellow in the wings, including a broad yellow wing-bar. Unlike goldfinches, that’s as much yellow as you will see on these birds! Despite that, Pine Siskins act like goldfinches and often flock with them in winter. Pine Siskins are often found foraging in trees and shrubs in woodland areas looking for seeds and occasionally some insects. They occur across much of North America, though they breed in the Western U.S. and southern Canada.

Favorite Foods

Pine Siskins readily feed on Nyjer® and Sunflower Hearts; perfect for deck and patio feeding stations as it’s extra clean and no-shell. In addition FinchWise® is a crowd-pleaser with its delicious blend of Nyjer,® fine hulled sunflower and millet.

Perfect Feeders

Much like goldfinch, Pine Siskins prefer tall, cylindrical feeders. Nyjer® mesh feeders filled with FinchWise® allow them to perch and cling, wheras tube feeders with tiny holes for FinchWise give them a perch to sit upon while eating. Sunflower Hearts work perfectly in platform feeders. Try a couple seed types and see what they prefer!


A Pine Siskins nest is a cup of twigs, grass and bark and is lined with softer materials. It is usually placed on an outer branch of a conifer tree. We carry a nice selection of nesting materials to cushion the nest and provide warmth and comfort for baby birds. Hang materials in trees and watch as birds sweep in and grab some. Siskins typically lay 3-4 greenish-blue eggs with darker markings.

Did You Know?

Pine Siskins have a specially-designed throat pouch called a crop, that is used for storing food. These pouches can store up to10% of the bird's weight and are used as a valuable source of energy during cold nights.