Tufted Titmouse

Active and often spotted in the treetops of eastern forests, city parks and suburbs the Tufted Titmouse is a frequent backyard feeder bird. Mostly gray and white with a perky crest, pale face, black forehead and rust-colored sides, this bird is quite cute! Related to the chickadee, the Titmouse is a curious bird and may be one of the first to check out your feeder set up, carrying away sunflower seeds one at a time.

Favorite Foods

In the wild, Tufted Titmice devour insects and seeds in addition to wasps, bees, beetles, insect eggs and even spiders! Attract these birds to your feeders with some of their favorite seeds. PatioWise®, a blend of hulled sunflower and peanuts with a touch of hulled pumpkin seed is a great, no-shell blend perfect for patios and decks. Sunflower Hearts, the meat of the sunflower without the shell, is another good option. Shelled peanuts are also irresistible.

Perfect Feeders

Titmice are not too particular and will eat from tube, hopper, platform and mesh style feeders. Titmice are able to cling which makes a peanut mesh feeder perfect for these birds. The open mesh also allows many birds to feed simultaneously and is excellent for mixed seed and shelled peanuts.


Titmice will nest in tree cavities or nest boxes, usually 20-35 feet up. The nest, which is primarily built by the female, incorporates grass, moss, leaves and bark and is often lined with soft materials, especially animal fur. Their eggs are white and finely dotted with brown, light red or purple. We carry a nice selection of nesting materials to cushion the nest and provide warmth and comfort for baby birds. Hang materials in trees and watch as birds sweep in and grab some.

Did You Know?

Most Titmice live their entire lives within a few miles of their birthplace.

A group of titmice are collectively known as a “banditry” and a “dissimulation” of titmice.