American Goldfinch

One of our most popular feeder birds, the American Goldfinch brings brilliant color and song to your yard. Look for bright yellow bodies on the males while the females are a buffy green. Both have distinct black wings with white wing bars and a black cap. Goldfinch are frequent visitors to backyard feeding stations as they flit and float about looking for seeds and occasionally insects. If you really want to attract them, fill your feeders and tempt them with Nyjer® seed - irresistible! Like nuthatches, goldfinch are able to eat upside down on specialty feeders, making them a joy to watch as they land on feeding perches and then expertly flip and hang to eat the tiny, tasty morsels inside.

Favorite Foods

Nyjer® is the gold standard for goldfinches. All Nyjer seed is sterilized and will not sprout. Njyer seed is very tiny—you cannot tell the shells from the seed. In addition, FinchWise® is another great choice. A blend of Nyjer, Hulled Sunflower and Millet, it also attracts house and purple finches.

Perfect Feeders

Goldfinches prefer tall, cylindrical feeders. Wild Bird Center’s Nyjer® Mesh Feeders allow goldfinches to perch and cling, whereas tube feeders with tiny holes for Nyjer seed give them a perch to sit upon while eating. Our Click n’ Clean Down Under Goldfinch Feeder excludes other birds that can’t eat upside down while giving your goldfinches a peaceful place to eat. Add a rain guard for extra seed protection from the elements. 


Goldfinches nest in trees or shrubs, generally 1-3 feet above the ground. Nests are typically constructed of plant fibers and lined with plant down. We carry a nice selection of nesting materials to cushion the nest and provide warmth and comfort for baby birds. Hang materials in trees in your backyard and watch as birds sweep in, grab some in their mouth and flutter off to their nesting sites.

Did You Know?

Goldfinches are acrobatic in that they can eat upside down from a sunflower one moment and then eat standing upright the next. This dexterity trait with their foot and bill allows them to benefit from food sources which are otherwise not accessible to other birds. Our Click n’ Clean Down Under Feeder is perfect for this.

Goldfinches may be shy at first, but be patient. They will show up but it may be wise to initially set the feeder up in a quiet spot in your yard. Listen for their song, “sweet, sweet, sweet!”