House Wren

Often found in brush piles, singing its song from the trees, the House Wren is found from the deep woods to backyards. A familiar backyard bird, the House Wren was named for its tendency to nest around human homes or birdhouses. Shy but curious, popping up in the open it often holds its tail straight up. House Wrens are small and very active, with a thin bill, faint eyebrow and thin eye-ring, with bars on their wings and tail. The song of the House Wren is very fast, musical, and sounds a little jumbled or bubbling.

Favorite Foods

In the wild, House Wrens mostly feast on insects including beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, flies, moths and many others. Insects are their preference so it may be hard to attract them to your feeders, but you can try FinchWise, a blend of Nyjer,® fine hulled sunflower and millet or FeederWise,® a premium blend formulated to attract a wide variety of songbirds. To entice these insect-loving birds, try Wild Bird Center’s Insect Treasure suet cake, rich in protein and delectable insect morsels.

Perfect Feeders

Wrens are predominantly insect eaters so you will not see a ton of them at your feeders. Try a large platform feeder closer to the ground if you are interested in attracting these energetic birds. You can also try attracting them with one of our suet feeders filled with Wild Bird Center’s Insect Treasure suet!


While you may not see a lot of wrens at your feeders, they are energetic nesters and this is how you can be sure to attract them! Our Hanging Wren Nest Box welcomes them to your backyard and home and is the perfect size for these small birds. Wrens build their nests with fibers, feathers, leaves, twigs and just about anything they can find. We carry a nice selection of nesting materials to cushion the nest and provide warmth and comfort for baby birds. Hang materials in trees and watch as birds sweep in and grab some.

Did You Know?

House Wrens have been seen nesting in abandoned hornet nests, flower pots, tea cups, tin cans, old boots, shoes, holes in walls and even old hats!