Experience the Wild Bird Center Difference

What is the Wild Bird Center Difference?

Simply put, the Wild Bird Center is dedicated to providing our friends and neighbors a better backyard bird feeding experience. This starts with “better birds” meaning more color, like the bright American Goldfinch, more character, like the Tufted Titmouse, more song, like the warbling House Wren and simply more birds. A better experience is far more than just filling feeders; it’s filling your needs.


Whether you have a large back yard or a small patio, or even just a window, we will find the feeder and seed that fits your needs with quality products that last and perform. We guarantee it! We love feeding birds, and we know you will too. Come join us in the the joy birds bring to your home.

Quality Seed Makes a Difference

All bird seed is not created equally! Quality seed contains only ingredients that will be consumed by common backyard birds. This means no cheap fillers, only premium grains. Each Wild Bird Center blend is formulated with premium ingredients to attract a wide variety of birds, a specific bird such as the American Goldfinch or solve a problem, like deterring squirrels.

Basic Blends: formulated to attract a wide variety of birds; great for those just getting started

Blended to attract the widest variety of birds, this premium blend of Black Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, Millet, Peanuts and Stripe Sunflower works in all seed feeders. Good for both perching birds and ground feeding birds.


A premium, no-millet blend containing Safflower, FeederWise is formulated to attract a wide variety of colorful songbirds. A favorite meal for chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals and other colorful flying friends. Less attractive to ground feeders.


When cleanliness counts, PatioWise is the smart choice! A blend of Hulled Sunflower and Peanuts with a touch of Hulled Pumpkin seed, this no-shell blend attracts perching birds and keeps your patio, deck and garden clean. Excellent for titmice, nuthatches, cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers and more.


Specialty Blends: take your hobby further

A specialty blend of Hulled Sunflower, Black Oil Sunflower, Peanuts, Safflower, Papaya, Raisins and Juniper Berries, this sweet and crunchy treat is a favorite of woodpeckers and other berry eating birds. Expect unexpected company with BerryWise!


A no-shell mix and the perfect balance of Peanuts, Dried Fruit, Sunflower, Hulled Sunflower and Tree Nuts, WoodpeckerWise is a favorite for woodpecker lovers! Use in seed feeders and watch downy, hairy, red-bellied and other woodpeckers visit your feeders. No shells ensure everything gets eaten and there is nothing to clean!

The goldfinch standard, Nyjer is the seed of preference for this bright and colorful songbird. Also a favorite of house finches, purple finches and pine siskins, this small seed is excellent for attracting these choice birds. Use in Nyjer tube feeders or attract a flock of finch with a Nyjer mesh feeder.
Go for the gold with Nyjer!

Sure to attract goldfinches, house finches and purple finches along with a variety of smaller songbirds, FinchWise is a balanced mix of Nyjer, Fine-Hulled Sunflower and Millet. Use in Nyjer and finch feeders for best results.


SunflowerHeartsSunflower Hearts
The meat of the sunflower without the shell! Extra clean and works in all types of feeders.  Very attractive to nuthatches, goldfinches, house finch, cardinals and more. Perfect for decks and patios.


Loved by cardinals but not by squirrels, Safflower is a problem solver seed helpful in discouraging furry visitors. Attractive to a wide variety of songbirds as well and works in all seed feeders. Northern Cardinals’ favorite.


ShelledPeanutsShelled Peanuts
Jays and woodpeckers find peanuts irresistible! Preferred by chickadees, nuthatches and titmice as well. A great choice for squirrel feeders too! Use in tube feeders, platform feeders and peanut mesh
feeders for best results.

Feeders for Every Backyard

A quality feeder will provide years of bird watching pleasure. At Wild Bird Centers, no detail is too small. Wood feeders constructed from cedar last through all weather conditions. Stainless steel screws and brass hinges that will not rust. Drainage to assure your seed stays dry. Even the seed gap on our hopper and ranch feeders is specified to assure seed flows smoothly. Tube feeders feature acrylic tubes with powder-coated steel or magnesium bases for long-life and durability.

The key to success is using the feeder that fits your requirements and your yard. With feeders to fit every need, let us help you select the best feeder for you. At the Wild Bird Center, you can be assured of years of enjoyment. Built to last and built to perform, we stand behind every feeder we sell.


Hopper/Ranch Feeders: Hopper and Ranch feeders are the “classic” bird feeder. Available in both wood and synthetic lumber, the storage “hopper” continuously replenishes the seed as it’s eaten. Plenty of seed means plenty of birds!

Platform Feeders: A platform feeder, whether placed on the ground or elevated, offers a large enough landing space to accommodate birds of all shapes and sizes. In addition to songbirds, platoform feeders attract ground feeding birds such as juncos, native sparrows and mourning doves.

Tube Feeders: Perfect for compact areas, decks and patios, and great for use in feeding stations! Tube feeders are available in a range of different sizes, easy to fill and attract a wide variety of perching birds. Adding an optional seed catch tray allows ground feeding birds to stop by as well! Also available in Nyjer versions.


Fly-Through Feeders: Featuring lots of space and lots of coverage, fly-through feeders can be hung or pole mounted depending on the feeder. Fly-through feeders allow all sorts of perching and ground feeding birds to stop for a visit. Fill with your favorite seed and watch as beautiful birds fly in for a bite. Add legs for a covered ground feeder.

Mesh Feeders: Mesh feeders are cylindicral mesh tubes designed for clinging birds. The open mesh design allows many birds to feed at one time.  The peanut feeder is excellent for shelled peanuts or mixed seeds. The Nyjer mesh is specifically for attracting goldfinch, house and purple finches.

Hummingbird Feeders: Available in many attractive styles, humminbird feeders  are sure to bring these beautiful, tiny birds to your yard. Hummers need to feed 5 to 8 times an hour so keep your feeders full! Pair with our WBC Hummer sugar for added success.

Just Say No to Squirrels

SquirrelBusterTheir constant presence at our feeders, their propensity for spilling and gobbling seed and their arrogant determination when we attempt to thwart them. Yes, we’re talking about squirrels! Luckily for us, there is a way to defeat them! Keep pesky squirrels away from your bird seed with a Squirrel Buster Standard, Classic or Plus. The Squirrel Buster Classic and Standard have openings in the wire shroud or mesh that align with seed ports and provide birds access to seed. Once the squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud or mesh down, closing access to the seed ports.

The Squirrel Buster Plus also uses the weight of the squirrel as a foil. As the squirrel sits on the surrounding ring and tries to grab some seed, the ring sinks below the ports eliminating access for squirrels and providing entertainment for you. And do not fear, squirrels and large birds are foiled but not harmed in any way. In addition, a hanging or pole mounted baffle can help deter and restrict squirrel access as they can jump vertically four-and-a-half feet and horizontally some six to seven feet!

Suet, Seed Cakes and Mealworms

SuetSuet: This compact little square provides year-round nutritional value and brings even more visitors to your yard! Wild Bird Center’s all-season, easy zip open food is the perfect choice for attracting woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice, chickadaees and more. In the spring suet provides energy for mating. Come fall, it prepares birds for migration. Suet feeders are easy to use, easy to hang and economically priced. Not only that, suet is easy to feed as an addition to your feeding station or an excellent, compact solution when limited space is available. Mix and match all seven varieties, our no-mess handling and easy zip open makes feeding a breeze!

SeedCylinderSeed Cakes: When time, storage or space is important, let them eat cake! Simply unwrap a seed cake or cylinder and place in a suet or seed cake feeder. All Wild Bird Center seed cakes contain only premium seed held together with a natural protein binder. Birds pick off the seeds they want, reducing seed on the ground. Available in a variety of flavors and sizes.

MealwormMealworms: Many birds feed in part or exclusively on insects, but few birds will come to backyard feeders looking for them. With a little effort however, birds can be persuaded to have a quick snack of mealworms quite regularly. Bluebirds will often respondpositively to mealworms in addition to some wrens, titmice, chickadees, warblers, mockingbirds and robins. Wild Bird Centers carries both live and dried mealworms ready for use in any of our mealworm feeders.

Polewise® Hardware System

Wild Bird Center’s PoleWise® hardware systems makes it easy to set-up your feeding station and expand at will. PoleWise is a system of interchangeable mounts, brackets, poles and accessories that you can customize to fit your yard and decks.


The possibilities are literally endless. Made from heavy duty steel and powder-coated black for strength and durability. Just pick your mount, choose your adapters, add accessories and hang your feeders.

Nest Boxes - The Perfect Starter Home

Chickadee_NestboxHanging, pole or tree mounted - a nest box brings added fun! Nest boxes provide shelter from the elements, and provide nesting space lost to urban sprawl. Easy to use, just hang, pole or tree mount and wait for your favorite feathered friends to take residence. With many styles to choose from, Wild Bird Center nest boxes feature quality construction at an attractive price and bring the fun of baby birds to your yard.

Choose the Bluebird Winged Nest Box sized specifically for bluebirds, with side “wings” that open for easy viewing and cleaning. Or, choose the green-roofed Chickadee House featuring a hinged side for easy clean-out, proper venting and drainage. Want wrens? The Traditional Cedar Wren Nest box and the Hanging Wren Nest Box feature all-screw cedar construction that provides a cool nesting environment. We’re here to help you choose the nest box best suited to attract your favorite birds whether functional or decorative! Check out our extensive selection today.