Baffling Squirrels


Squirrels are recognizable to almost everyone as more than 200 species exist! Squirrels are nimble, with a bushy tail and are able to acrobatically jump from tree branch to tree branch with ease. Squirrels belong to the Sciuridae family, which includes prairie dogs, chipmunks and marmots. Often seen at feeders, they can become a pesky nuisance upsetting the peaceful balance of your backyard. Their antics may be cute, but they can scare away birds, consume huge quantities of expensive seed and will often carry off entire seed or suet cakes. We carry a range of feeders and seed to help you outwit this cunning animal!

Feeders & Food

SquirrelBusterOne way to deter squirrels is with a new seed addition. Safflower is not very popular with these furry creatures and is a good choice for deterring them.

The Squirrel Buster Standard, Classic and Plus are all excellent feeder choices. Featuring a surrounding cage or weight-activated ports these squirrel-resistant feeders ensure peaceful eating and keep heavy squirrels from the tasty seed inside the feeder. Also Available in Peanut and Nyjer versions. We suggest locating your feeders away from trees so squirrels cannot drop down from above.

Caged feeders, like the Wild Bird Center’s Tube Cage Feeder, lets your birds IN and keeps your squirrels OUT! Want to really knock their socks off? Add some Hot Pepper Suet to your feeding station. They just can’t handle the heat!




SquirrelBaffle2Squirrel baffles, whether above the feeder (dome-shaped) or below (“torpedo” on a pole-mounted feeder) prevent squirrels from being able to jump or climb on to your birds’ eating area. Baffling squirrels is easy. For ground mount, be sure to place feeder 4.5’ high and use a torpedo baffle under the feeder. When hanging feeders use a dome-shaped baffle above, keeping jumping squirrels at bay. Hanging baffles should be at least 22" wide to discourage squirrel activity. Baffles are available in plastic and metal and various shapes and sizes to fit your feeding station perfectly.

Don't be Discouraged!

Outwitting squirrels is one of the hardest feats known to backyard bird feeders. These amazing creatures always seem to find a way to somehow wedge, climb, jump or chew their way into or onto a feeder. If it gets to be too much, you may want to offer them a dedicated feeding area. Ask how we can help!