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REMEMBER THE BIRDS NEED LOTS OF FRESH CLEAN WATER IN THE WINTER.   We sell Bird Bath Heaters for use in your bath for the winter months.

Now that FALL and WINTER is just around the corner it is time to clean your feeders and birdbaths.  Clean your feeders with a 10% solution of bleach or white vinegar and water.  Let the soak for 10 minutes to loosen any stuck on seed. We have Feeder Brushes in stock to help clean the tubes of your tube feeders.  Rinse under clear running water and let dry.  Fill your feeders with new seed and the birds will flock to your feeders.  Clean the bird bath the same way and use a stiff brush to get all that grime off the bath.  We sell the brushes that are great for doing just that.  We sell Bird Bath Heaters for use in your bath for the winter months.  Remember clean feeders with fresh seed and water will keep your birds happy and coming back to your yard all day long. 

The staff at the Wild Bird Center of Gaithersburg is here to answer any questions you may have.  Stop by and test our knowledge. 

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