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Six Tips for Wild Bird Feeding in Winter

Written by: George Petrides, Sr.
December 17, 2012 04:02 PM

                                       Six Tips for Wild Bird Feeding in Winter

When it gets cold outside, here are some easy-to-do tips from Wild Bird Center stores across the USA and
to help you help your beautiful wild birds:

1) Fill your bird feeders with high-calorie (extra-energy) foods such as
black-oil sunflower and Nyjer seeds, peanut-splits or suet, all of which have
high-oil contents. These great foods appeal to virtually all backyard feeder
bird species.

2) Supplement oil-rich seeds with White Proso Millet which you can spread
directly by hand on the ground or snow for ground-feeding species such as
Mourning Doves and native sparrows.

3) Build small brush piles in fence corners for day and night protection from
the wind and snow.

4) Plant tall grasses, shrubs and trees before winter-time as an excellent way
to provide protection from the weather but also from predators and, as a bonus,
for places to build nests.

5) Install a few “roosting boxes” on trees or fences. Roosting boxes look like
nest boxes but have an entrance hole near the bottom. Your birds may congregate
in these boxes to share body-heat which rises to the top of the roosting box,
keeping everyone warmer. Some roosting box models convert to nest boxes for
springtime use too.

6) Install a bird bath (with heater) so your birds can bath and keep their
feathers in top condition. A source of open water is a critical need for birds
in the winter as they preen after bathing to re-arrange feathers and
re-distribute oils on feathers which act as their first line of defense during
colder times.

Backyard birds need the same requirements we humans do: food, protection,
shelter and water. These winter tips help your birds enjoy these same needs
while you enjoy them!

Need more information? Contact your local Wild Bird Center store owner who will be pleased to help you help your birds
this winter season.

The Wild Bird Centers of America is a
national franchise system supporting wild bird feeding and watching specialty stores and garden center dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. For information visit,,
email or call (301)  841-6404.


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