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Preparing for "Snowbirds" in Your Yard!

Written by: George Petrides, Sr.
November 05, 2012 12:55 PM

Just about this time of year, Juncos or “Snow Birds” begin to appear at wild bird backyard feeding stations everywhere. These friendly birds are often associated with encroaching wintery weather and colder temperatures as they leave breeding grounds to the north and hit the airways for warmer climes. While juncos usually spend nights perching in evergreens, they also are attracted to brush piles for shelter so you might consider creating one or two brush piles in your yard for this species and many other birds too.

Juncos feed on the ground, under feeders atop poles or hanging from tree branches. .As many other ground-feeding birds do, Juncos prefer white proso millet seeds which you can scatter on the ground by hand. Juncos are colored slate-gray above and white below but another key identifier is their constant flicking of white, outer tail feathers to communicate with other juncos in their small flock.

Need more information? Contact your local Wild Bird Center store owner who will be pleased to help you help your birds this winter season.

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